Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

A Charming, Fairytale Getaway

For Grown-ups, too!

Hook’s Pirate Ship cottage, Charmed Resorts

Here’s an (at least) two-day getaway that is really different.

Audrey and Tyson Leavitt have built a holiday resort, Charmed Resorts, close to Crowsnest Pass, but it isn’t just the spectacular scenery that makes their resort worth checking out.

Each holiday cottage at the resort resembles a structure straight out of fairytale storybooks, giving the occupants a surreal, magical stay.  

Cottages with whimsical names such as Beast’s Castle, Belle’s Cottage, Gingerbread Cottage, Hatter’s House, Hook’s Pirate Ship, Huntsman’s Hut, Jack’s Cottage, Lost Boys’ Treehouse, Rumpelstiltskin’s Tower, Snow White’s Cottage, and Tinker Bell’s Treehouse speak of the delight to be found within.

Midsummer’s Cottage, Charmed Resorts.

We spoke to Audrey Leavitt about the resort.

48:  Your cottages are, well, charming.  They seem to appeal to children…is that your intent?  Or do you find that adults find them equally as fun?

Audrey:  Since we opened our business nine years ago, kids love our playhouses, but adults seem to get even more excited about them.  I think it brings out the child in them.  Everyone wants to feel that way from time to time.  Seeing adults as excited as their kids to come and stay is a really fun part of our business.

48:  I presume that your clientele is nearly all families with children?

Audrey:  The majority [of our customers are families with children].  We absolutely love that we will see older couples come out and stay with us, we will see bachelorette parties, groups of friends, we kinda see a little bit of everything and that is super cool because we want to make sure that it’s a place that everybody feels like they can come and enjoy their time.

Wendy’s Townhouse. Charmed Resorts. Credit: Kayley D. Photography.

48:  What other activities and attractions are near you that families would find interesting or fun?  If guests have 48 hours to spare, what do you recommend they do?

Audrey:  Crowsnest Pass has tons of outdoor activities. 

Miners’ Path is a very easy hike to a waterfall just five minutes from the resort. 

Crowsnest Lake is absolutely beautiful. 

There is some very good restaurants in the area.  We like Pass Beer, and it’s family friendly. 

Alison Creek Falls is beautiful.

Lundbreck Falls—you can drive right up to the falls and go check them out.  It’s amazing.  

We’re right next to Frank Slide—if anyone is a history buff, that’s a really cool place to check out.

The Leavitt Family, Charmed Resorts. Credit: Kayley D. Photography.

48:  What are your future plans for Charmed Resorts?

Audrey:  We have finished our cottages at the resort, so our next priorities are to add food to the resort.  We have lots of landscaping to do to make it really beautiful, and of course everyone really wants to see a playground.  We are working really, really hard to prioritize what to do first.  We’re really excited to make it even more magical and special.


Spending a night at Charmed Resorts would make an unbeatable highlight on a weekend visit to the Crowsnest Pass area!

Learn more about Charmed Resorts on their website.