Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

What to Eat

Restaurant Dining

  1. Look for chain restaurants you trust. This removes all the guesswork and lets everyone relax.  There is a list of chain restaurants across Alberta, below.
  2. Check for a kid’s menu online.  The lack of a kid’s menu isn’t a deal breaker, while spotting one tells you the restaurant is family-oriented. You don’t have to order from it, though.
  3. Bring the gear they need.  Child-sized utensils, water bottles, placemats, bibs, a favourite stuffy, all work to let your kids relax despite the strange surroundings.
  4. Order a fast appetizer.  Let the children munch as quickly as possible. A robust appetizer could be a meal in itself.
  5. Ask for the activities.  If the restaurant has books, crayons, or a play area, take advantage of them.
  6. Consider splitting an entrée.  If you or your kiddos don’t like the offerings on the kids’ menu, you could split an adult entrée with them, or ask for a half-portion just for them.
  7. Eat Early.  Arriving early avoids the dinner rush, and lets you get back to your accommodations before bedtime.  Especially after a long day of driving, everyone will appreciate an early turn-in.
  8. Eat in.  You don’t have to eat at a restaurant every meal, or even every night.  Look for natural food stores, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, or bakeries, to pick up a meal you can eat in your room that isn’t take-out.  This can also provide breakfast, the next morning.

Family-Style Dining

Family-style dining is sometimes called large-format dining.  It is when food is served on large platters meant for sharing.  Diners serve themselves, just as you might do at home. It’s a far more relaxed style of restaurant dining just made for families with children.

If you can check the restaurant’s website, look for either type of dining in their description.

Also, any restaurant with “Family” in the name is a sure bet.  Also look for restaurant names with “Kitchen” in them – these are often casual and family-oriented. 

Restaurants that offer family-style dining, with locations across Alberta include:

● The Old Spaghetti Factory ● The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant ● Ricky’s All Day Grill ● Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge ● Denny’s ● Lumberjack’s Restaurant ● Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House  ●

Find your next eatery

Check the dining listings here on Alberta 48. You can use the menu options, above, or click through to the area you’re interested in using the links below.

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