Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

Family fun in Alberta in 48 hours or less

Exploring the Giants of the Prairies

The Giant Mushrooms in Vilna. Credit: Village of Vilna


Embark on a fun journey through Central Alberta, exploring the Giants of the Prairies. This unique itinerary offers a delightful mix of whimsy, culture, and exploration, showcasing oversized roadside attractions that have become iconic symbols of the region’s rich heritage. From colossal mushrooms to gigantic Ukrainian delicacies, each Giant beckons travelers to pause, marvel, and immerse themselves in the stories they tell.

This 48-hour adventure is perfect for families, travelers seeking offbeat experiences, and anyone with a penchant for quirky roadside attractions. Whether you’re a local Albertan or visiting from afar, the Giants of the Prairies tour promises a fun-filled exploration of Central Alberta’s cultural tapestry and scenic landscapes. So buckle up, hit the road, and get ready to discover the larger-than-life charm of these beloved landmarks.

Day 1:


Travel from Home: Begin your journey from your home in Alberta. If you’re coming from a city like Calgary or Edmonton, the drive to Central Alberta will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Late Morning:

Glendon Giant Perogy: Start your Giant adventure with a visit to the Giant Perogy in Glendon. This massive Ukrainian dumpling is a homage to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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St. Paul UFO Landing Pad: Continue your adventure with a visit to the UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul. This unique roadside attraction commemorates Canada’s centennial and celebrates the town’s connection to space exploration. Address: St. Paul, Alberta T0A 3A4.


Local Eatery: Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant in St. Paul. Choose from the Tin Cup, or The Twisted Fork, or the appropriately named UFO Pizza.


Vilna Giant Mushrooms: Travel on to Vilna to visit the Giant Mushrooms. These whimsical roadside attractions stand tall and colorful, perfect for photo opportunities.

Smoky Lake Giant Pumpkins: Head to Smoky Lake to marvel at the Giant Pumpkins. These oversized pumpkins are a fun sight to behold and make for great family memories.


Book a Stay: Spend the night at a cozy accommodation in Smoky Lake or nearby towns. Consider the Country Garden Hotel, or the Smoky Lake Inn, or other options.

Day 2:


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Andrew Giant Mallard Duck: Begin your second day with a stop at the Giant Mallard Duck in Andrew. This oversized waterfowl pays tribute to the region’s abundant wildlife and scenic beauty.

    Late Morning:

    Mundare Giant Kielbasa: Next, head to Mundare to see the Giant Kielbasa. This enormous Ukrainian garlic sausage is a testament to the town’s proud culinary traditions.


    Local Cuisine: Enjoy a hearty Ukrainian meal at a local restaurant in Mundare.  Indulge in traditional dishes like perogies, cabbage rolls, and borscht. Try Baba’s Bistro & Coffee House, or Mundare Bakery & Lori’s Eats and Treats.


    Vegreville Giant Pysanka: After lunch, make your way to Vegreville to admire the Giant Pysanka. This colossal Ukrainian Easter egg is a symbol of the town’s cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship. Address: Vegreville, Alberta T9C 1R3.

    Late Afternoon:

    Homeward Bound: Embark on the journey back home and reflect on the memories made during your Giant adventure in Central Alberta.


    This itinerary offers a unique and memorable way to explore Central Alberta’s cultural landmarks while experiencing the charm of its small towns and scenic landscapes.

    Make adjustments to suit you and your family’s preferences and interests.  And don’t forget to take plenty of photographs for scrapbooks and journals.